carnel 12

A picture of Issue 12's cover


Kurt Cobain and four years of carnel
Dead Fantasy
Lament for lost gamebooks.
Review: Tradition Book Euthanatos (Rick Jones)
A split review (Rick Jones/Robert Rees) of the book dedicated to Mage's gothic killers.
Review: Werewolf: The Wild West
The Garou go West.
Review: Frontier Secrets
A review of the Wild West scrapbook, nasty leftovers or tasty second helpings?
Article: White Dwarf
A "state of the magazine" piece about an important but radically transformed UK RPG magazine.
Article: PBM
An attempt to enter the world of hand-moderated fantasy PBMs.
Letters Column: Pages from the People
Letters, arguments, discussion and occasionally true insight.
Article: The Eternal Road (Rob Alexander)
A thoughtful and considered piece on the difficulties and importance of getting from A to B.
Zine Reviews: Man and his Moose
M&M hit the road with their first column for the zine.
Fiction: Death Sucks (Dave Morris)
Bangkok vampiric action.
Classic Novel: Victory
A moody masterpiece from the South Pacific or an overwrought novel firmly in the Victoria melodrama camp?

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