carnel 14

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Review: Greyhawk versus Wraith
An unlikely head to head review.
Review: Ghost Towns
A supplement that details towns that are worse than their inhabitants for Werewolf: The Wild West
Heart of the City: Part Two
Article: Arms and Armour (Tim Eccles)
A good overview of the use of weapons in FRPG settings, challenging some preconceptions of how sword slingers should practice their trade.
Scenario: The Secret of Phillip's Farm
An Imperial Earth/WFRP scenario where a group of half-orcs are hiding a deadly secret.
Scenario: Tales from Sylvania (Micheal Andersen)
Enter the haunted hills of Sylvania (WFRP) in search of a missing friend.
Monkey's Place
Correspondence from carnel readers.
Zine Reviews: Man and his Moose
M&M review zines; the zines should be grateful.
Classic Novel: Quarantine
A review of Jim Crace's masterful take on the tale of Jesus' seclusion in the wilderness.

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