carnel 16

A scan of the cover of CARNEL #16

Greyhawk Nights

Things done and Things Forgotten
The Long Boom, the effect of economic cycles on RPG fandom
The Star Cairns, Gemma Bovary, Louis Riel, The Truth (Pratchett hardback)
The Crypt of Lyzandred the Mad
The Usual Suspects (Scenario)
A noir tale of murder, madness and revenge in Greyhawk City
The Night Shift (Scenario)
Fancy making a quick bob grave robbing?
The Heart of the City, a series of articles on making more convincing cities in FRPGs
Man and His Moose
Ascerbic and entertaining zine reviews (I like them anyway)
The Noire Hero, making plausible fantasy noir heroes
Classic Novel
Red Harvest by Dashiel Hammet

Enough! You've convinced me how do I get hold of an issue?

Print Runs

  1. First Run: 30