carnel 17

A picture of Issue 17's cover


Where do you get your ideas? And does it really matter?
The First Roleplayers
People who understood roleplaying better than most people today and all before D&D had even been released.
A First Look at A Private War
First impressions of Tim Eccles' new supplement/scenario for WFRP.
A review of the first issue of Dylan Horrock's new comic.
Everyone knows the Aphex Twin is a genius but can you dance to his latest CD?
A Free World
An attempt to formulate the relationships between those who play RPGs and those who produce them. Leading into a discussion of what published RPGs are really about.
A Man and his Moose Zine Reviews
Love 'em or loathe 'em; they review zines.
Monkey's Place
Eight pages of letters and comments, the usual mixture of the high and low brow.
The Second Night Shift
Some errata for the previous issue's scenario.
Classic Novel: Gormenghast
The virtues of Peake's masterpiece summarised.

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