carnel 18

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Foolscap Ideas: The virtues of sketching out ideas without fear.
Imperial Earth
An alternative setting for WFRP style games.
Rules for Runepunks
Outline rules for a setting that combines Cyberpunk aesthetics with a strange magical world.
The House That Ate Jack (Robert Rees/James Magee)
A creepy haunted house cameo for CoC and similar modern horror games.
Life without Death
Can RPGs really work without the threat of death for the PCs?
The Terminal
Outline of a fantasy/post-apoclapyse setting.
Seven cities on the edge of a massive inland sea. Another outline for a campaign setting with a Mediterrenean feel.
Monkey's Place
Letters and views on all kinds of matters including why roleplayers are so liable to quit the hobby.
A Freudian Analysis of Goblinoids
Do orcs desire their mothers?
Novel Review: Death and the Penguin
Misha the penguin gets into serious trouble when he starts hanging out with the Russian Mafia. A review of a Russian novel recently translated into english.

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