carnel 20

A picture of Issue 20's cover


Talking 'bout War
St. Patrick's Day, New York
Thoughts about terrorists and freedom fighters
Electronic Dream God
A long article discussing the relative merits of web and paper zines.
LA Mage
A Mage cameo presented in faux found material.
Monkey's Place
Comments and a long letter from Paul Mason on the subject of historical and culture roleplaying.
War Reviews
A wide variety of material on war related matters including Joe Sacco's Palestine, films and books about Yugoslavia, Blairite government and Irish Terrorism
Christmas Books
Let me tell you what to read.
Godspeed you Black Emperor
A review of the latest album from the Canadian collective GSYBE, Yanqui U.X.O.: music to war to!

Enough! You've convinced me how do I get hold of an issue?

Print Runs

  1. First Run: 20 (Hand finished covers, red interior paper)
  2. Second Run: 20 (Red interior paper)