carnel 21

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A few thoughts on the nature of the Star Wars phenomenon.
Star Wars Reviews
Reviews of the following books: Star Wars Revised Edition, Starships of the Galaxy, Dark Side Supplement, Arms and Equipment Guide, Rebellion Era sourcebook. Essentially a round up of all the basic books for the system. The review of the basic RPG is quite long and in-depth.
Playing Star Wars
A few notes on breaking the creative log jam of having such iconic source material.
Betrayal at Sondura
A scenario revolving around the defection of an Imperial crew.
Heroes of the Rebellion: Camara Carman
An Ithorian privateer fully outlined for the game.
Monkey's Place
The readers wade into one another with brickbats and words.

Enough! You've convinced me how do I get hold of an issue?

Print Runs

  1. First Run: 25 (Printing error on the contents page; four blank pages at the end of the zine)
  2. Second Run: 5
  3. Third Run: 10 (11/12/03)