carnel 24

A "catchup" issue this time around collecting various articles that wouldn't fit into various issues since #18 along with a raft of letters discussing some of the recent issues and ideas.

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Monkey's Place
Eleven pages of letters on topics ranging from wargames to Star Wars.
A review of Monlundia the game setting on a CD-ROM by John Hoyland
A D&D scenario designed to be slotted in during a journey. Includes stats and a writeup of new cult. By Richard Iorio
Broken Prow Point
Outline of a fantasy setting with a Viking/Norse/Saxon theme.
Fantasy Mage
An outline of a Tolkien influenced fantasy setting for use with Ars Magica/Mage: The Sorceror's Crusade.
An outline of a science fantasy setting in a post-apocalypse world locked in new Ice Age. Influenced by Non-Stop and Gamma World.
Which way now?
Political article on the direction of post-Cold War capitialism
History Books
Reviews of several military histories meant to tie in with the recent wargames special.
Computer Wargames
An overview of computer wargaming including Sid Meier's Gettysburg, Combat Mission and Cyberboard. Can computers take the pain out of wargaming? Can they in fact resolve some of the fundamental problems with simulation boardgames?
Review: Crisis of Faith
Review of the first Storybook for the Heavy Gear universe.
A review roundup of the latest zines including Warpstone #20, Origins of Tree Worship, Zum!, La Chica and Flagship.
Classic Novel
Under the Volcano, a humid novel of despair and redemption south of the border.

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Print Runs

  1. First Run: 20
  2. Second Run: 1 (11/12/2003)
  3. Third Run: 4 (30/11/2004)