carnel 25

This issue is a Glorantha special with a big review of the newest Glorantha ruleset Heroquest

A picture of Issue 25's cover


Heroquest Review
A long review of the new updated Hero Wars rules.
Pendragon Pass
Review of David Dunham's fusion of Pendragon and Glorantha.
Exalted Glorantha
A short but to the point article on the possibility of using the Exalted system for Glorantha games pitched somewhere between Heroquest and Runequest.
Guerre des Heros
A write up of a game of Dragon Pass (Guerre des Heros by Oriflam) and some advice on playing the game.
Zine Reviews
There are a lot of zines around at the moment and most of them are reviewed in this issue.

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Print Runs

  1. Ashcan Run: 30 (Dragonmeet 2003, signed, numbered, paper covers)
  2. First Run: 10 (card covers, minor layout and content changes)
  3. Second Run: 4 (30/11/2004, 100gsm card covers)