carnel 27

Mage: London Special.

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Welcome to London
Editorial on the whys and wherefores of creating a Mage game set in London.
Tradition Factions
A quick overview of the various political groups that make up the Traditions in London.
Technocracy Factions
A similar overview of the Tradition's opponents the Technocracy and how they structure their fight for Ascension.
The London Traditions
A more detailed breakdown of the Traditions and in particular how the different Traditions are viewed within the city and a quick history and backstory for some of the more established.
Cabals and Chantries
A variety of sample Cabals and Chantries for the setting. Hopefully giving a flavour of the different kinds of groups in the city and the very different ways they operate.
Brief descriptions of a few specific places in my campaign that have proven to be handy.
Vampires and other dangers
A look at the other denizens of the World of Darkness and how they fit in the Mage's view of city life.
Council Personalities
A more detailed description of each member of the Council that governs the Traditions in London.
City Personalities
A couple of odd but useful personalities that are known to hang around London Town.
London Slang
In a city notorious for its slang is it any wonder that the London Mages have their own terms of the occult shadow life?
Tricks and Wonders
A brief overview of common Wonders and Rotes and how they are used by the Traditions.

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