carnel 29

Barley Hamlet. Rural horror in the heart of England.

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Why Barley Hamlet?
The Tenant of Marstaff Manor
An introduction into the campaign.
Barley Hamlet
Introduction to the village of the damned (ably late drinkers).
Marstaff Manor
A description of the Manor house that forms a cornerpiece of the campaign including floor plans.
Life in Barley Hamlet
A look at a few locations in the village along with a few personalities, rituals and facts of life from the village green.
Life around Barley Hamlet
A brief overview of life at the edge of the village boundary.
Welcome to Barley Hamlet
An article on integrating various members of the World of Darkness into life in Barley Hamlet.
The Villians
Three anatagonists that are the PCs are likely to cross swords with if they hand around the area.
The Barley Hamlet Campaign
Three detailed scenario outlines and a number of story arcs designed to serve as sub-plots to the main scenarios.
Influences and Inspiration
Books, music and films that either inspired Barley Hamlet or that can be used to get some feel for what a campaign there might be like.
A quick comparision between the Barley Hamlet setting and the original Goatswood campaign.

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