carnel 30

A picture of Issue 30's cover


A few words on hitting 30.
Some Good Advice
Pieces of roleplaying writing and journalism that have struck home recently.
A Singular Peculiarity
A discussion of the use and abuse of the NDA and in particular the dangers it presents in the world of roleplaying.
Zine Reviews
A round of the finest zines seen recently
Red versus Blue
A quick appreciation of the DVD release of the excellent web machinima.
New Games Please!
A quick run through the best and most disappointing recent purchases.
Scary High Fantasy
An answer to Tim Eccles' questions about whether it is possible to have fear, doubt and uncertainity in High Fantasy games.
In Praise of Levels
Level-based systems are generally the gamer's whipping boy but is their bad reputation deserved and can they offer a game experience that other systems just cannot deliver?
The Moons of Arksyra
A review of the PDF

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