carnel 32 (This is our history)

A picture of the cover of CARNEL issue 32

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This is what happens when roleplaying meets the white heat of technology.
A look at some gamers who are recording their gaming sessions in a way that works.
A look at how the distribution of games via PDF is changing roleplaying.
Our Books
A little article about trying to get the public library to add RPGs to their collection and succeeding
New Men's Jargon
A lexicon and glossary of the extensive and often ludicrous jargon that has sprung up around MMORPGs.
Online Massive
A quick run through the best and most disappointing recent purchases.
A short look at some of the zines that have been out since issue 31.
Tooled Up
A quick review of the various computer applications that are making my life easier and better.
The New Flesh
Experimental new title for a column where I just kind of list all the stuff I've bought recently and talk about it a little bit.

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