carnel 33 (The Passover Feast Part One: The Beginning)

A picture of the cover of CARNEL issue 33

You can read a PDF sample version of this issue. The sample has the covers, contents page and a selection of pages from the articles.

Part One of a three part series. Introduces the themes and ideas behind the campaign


The difficulty of a Mage campaign.
Edition Shock
Review of the different sets of Mage rules that are available.
A look at the books, music and films that have inspired the Passover Feast.
Overview of the campaign.
The Nephandi Spirit
Description of the campaign's main antagonist.
Opening the Passover Feast
Hooks to involve characters in the opening action of the Passover Feast.
DVD Imagery
A set of suggested images for the campaign's DVD McGuffin.
The Nature of the Dark Spirit's Enchantment
An overview of what the Nephandi's curse does and how it does it.
No Literal London
Advice on trying to present the metaphysical instead of the physical city.

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