carnel 34

A picture of the cover of CARNEL issue 34

You can read a PDF sample version of this issue. The sample has the covers, contents page and a selection of pages from the articles.

This issue presents two scenarios that are meant to be played in a single hour. It is a tricky concept but these two do seem to work and they can of course be expanded out to provide a more normal 3-4 hour session.


Editorial: More Imagination Please
In worlds of our imagination are we trapped by the tropes of our genre?
Tennessee Smith and the Kasbah Kaper
Our hero Tennessee Smith takes on the Nazis in a mad car chase through the Casbah.
A strange creature lurches from the woods and one village is changed forever.
Fragments: Lofthaven
The start of a new series that
2006 In Review
A lexicon and glossary of the extensive and often ludicrous jargon that has sprung up around MMORPGs.
Monkey's Place
A quick run through the best and most disappointing recent purchases.

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