Carnel 17 (Creation)
Issue 17 Brontës as nascent roleplayers article Complete
Issue 17 Editorial Complete
Issue 17 Gormenghast Needs formatting
Issue 17 Free World Articles Done
Issue 17 Night Shift Errata Complete
Issue 17 Print and Send Issue (30 copies) 12.30
Issue 17 Review the History of Middle Earth series Ran out of space
Carnel Sampler 1 (The TwoShot)
CS 1 Write introduction Done
CS 1 Write Ars Magica Preview (2 pages) Done
CS 1 Hero Wars review Done
CS 1 Trial by Jury article Done
CS 1 Perdido Street Station review Done
CS 1 FR scenario: A lesson in wrecking Completed
CS 1 Produce and print issue (100 copies) 14.70
CS 1 Zine Review (1 page) Gone!
Issue 16
Issue 16 Comment - The Long Boom Done
Issue 16 Louis Riel review Done
Issue 16 Gemma Bovary review Done
Issue 16 Star Cairns review Done
Issue 16 Crypt review Done
Issue 16 The Truth review Done
Issue 16 Doomgrinder preview Done
Issue 16 Slavers preview Done
Issue 16 The Night Shift scenario Done
Issue 16 Classic Novel - Red Harvest Done
Issue 16 Heart of the City: Part 4 Done
Issue 16 The Noir Hero Done
Issue 16 Zine reviews Done
Issue 16 Write-up Greyhawk Noir scenario All done
Issue 16 Print zine Printed 44.04
Issue 16 CoC Scenario Outline Started
Issue 16 Reflections Article Moved to Saint Sebastian #1
Issue 16 Dark Fantasy article Removed
Issue 16 Oerth Journal review Removed
Issue 5
Issue 5Finish the Cloak of Mists articleComplete
Issue 5Produce artwork for the "Cloak of Mists" articleComplete
Issue 5Prepare master document for printersComplete
Issue 5Send issue to the printersComplete
Issue 14
Issue 14Write the articlesStarted
Issue 14Write Heart of the City Pt. 2Complete
Issue 14 Greyhawk vs. Wraith review Bad idea, bravely soldiered on with
Issue 14Ghost Towns ReviewA bit crap
Issue 14Write Classic Novel columnDone
Issue 14Write WFRP scenarioDone
Issue 14Edit Transylvanian WFRP scenarioDone
Issue 14Edit Zine ReviewsAll Done
Issue 14 Tim Eccles's Arms and Armour arcticle Moved forward from Issue 15
Issue 14 Prepare Letters Page All Done
Issue 14 Print the main zine Invoice pending
Issue 14 Print the adventure handouts 8
Issue 14 Print the free Imazines for inclusion 14
Camel #2
Camel 2Write "Notting Hill" reviewNow in Camel #2
Camel 2Finish James Byrd articleNow in Camel #2
Camel 2Write El Paso reviewNow in Camel #2
UnknownWrite up the Second May GameDelayed for later issue
Issue 14Prepare the first installment of Tetsubo for release as a playtest booklet.Done
TetsuboPrint the Tetsubo bookletComplete, available seperately @ 3 a copy
Issue 15
Issue 15 Write Comment Done
Issue 15 Write the Greyhawk Noir article Done
Issue 15 Review Greyhawk Adventures mini-book Done
Issue 15 Review Discworld Noir Done
Issue 15 Review Shadowrun Quick Start Rules Done
Issue 15 Write Heart of the City article Done
Issue 15 Letters page Only one letter!
Issue 15 Write Classic Novel write up The Dumas Club
Issue 15 Print Dragonmeet Editon 84.40
Issue 15 Print Subscriber's Editon 16.80
Issue 15 Print A&E Editon Cancelled due to cost
Issue 15 Print the free Imazines for inclusion 32
Camel 3
Camel 3 Write up thoughts about Dragonmeet Finished
Camel 3 Print M&M webzine reviews held over from issue 15 Finished
Camel 3 Filler Must be one page due to zine reviews
Camel 3 Proof-read Done
Camel 3 Send to printers 7.50

It has to be said that this little scheduler is as much for my benefit as yours!