CARNEL Collection: Volume One


I wanted to be a great artist
but all I turned out to be was a fraud.


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Terror Techniques
25 ways of making horror scenarios more scary
Magical Items
Three items: the Mirror of Retention, the Ring of Eyes and the Cloak of Mists. Each one with an in-character history and a metagame discussion of the ideas behind the items and what purpose they might serve in a game. Hopefully a good balance between "crunch" and "fluff".
Discussion of the game Kult, the Cabala, horror games and creating a freeform Kult system.
The Irish Rose/The New World Rose
Two Chantries for Mage with a linked history
Point based Traveller PC creation
A quick and easy system for creating PCs for Classic and Megatraveller
Silent Waters
A gothic scenario about a series of murders on a canal, suitable for D&D or WFRP
The Morning After
An Over The Edge scenario featuring six housemates, an alien infestation, men in black, too many drugs and a corpse in Eve's bed.
Includes reviews of Phase World, the Cerebus World Tour book, Barsaive, Ravenloft scenario Hour of the Knife and the CoC London sourcebook
The Memoirs of Brigader George McCarthy
A Cthulhu short story/game write up
Letter pages
The letter columns

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