About Metazine

Metazine is an attempt to create a collective promotional group of zines and publications where every individual zine or book in the project promotes each other via the Metazine itself.

At the heart of the project is this website that you reading through now. The website will list all the component elements of the Metazine and either link to their homepage or provide a brief description of them on the Metazine site itself.

Each publication in the Metazine should carry a link to this website, that way people who like one of the zines in Metazine can come to the website and find more in a similar vein thus helping to cross-promote the other members of the Metazine.

The idea of Metazine is make the lives of zine editors easier by linking the separate zine audiences and helping introduce new and obscure titles to a wider audience. To this end members of the Metazine are allowed to post to the Metazine mailing list and will have access to any other news schemes we devise.

Metazine is meant essentially to promote issue focussed paper roleplaying zines as there is very little in the way of support network for these kinds of zines. However there may be exceptions to this general rule if a particular zine fits well with what we are trying to achieve.

Well with all that said, why don't you go and read some zines.