Cast List

The Remenant of the Cell

"Big" Aleksander Pietrovich Kerenski
An old priest and member of the Closed Book, he has encountered much of the darkness the north hides. He is know for being opinionated, frank and direct. Big Aleksander has travelled through much of the Orthodox lands and has not been afraid to travel into the more moderate Solderan areas.
"Little" Aleksander Patrevski
An orphan adopted by Big Aleksander and who became the older man's acolyte and protector. Although not necessarily as educated or skilled in the oratorical arts Little Aleksander is known as someone who adds a common and spiritual element to his mentor's argument. As an adult Little Aleksander has become a hulking brute of a man and his nickname is now simple irony. While being raised in Bravich Little Alexander learned to speak Solderin from Sister Eva who ran the orphanage.
Sedziwoj Skrydlovitch Wolkonski-Koniecpole
A younger noble son who has served as a constable of Wallavich and fights for justice and order. His sister was married to Stefan Dodochesiv and in killing Stefan avenged he believes he has avenged his sister's death. Sedziwoj is known for having a violent temper and a strong sense of morality, the two can sometimes become confused giving him a reputation for unnecessarily harsh punishment or out and out violence.
Sergi Argonoiv
A young boy who was born in Kalkuzhan and has become the squire of Sedziwoj. He was raised in the Solderin culture but learnt the northern tongue and ways from his parents.

The Wolkonski-Koniecpole Retainers

These are men who used to serve the Wolkonski-Koniecpole but have been asked to serve Sedziwoj in his exile.

Larsen Alkoni
A cavalryman and horsebreaker. He fled the fight against the Witch of Jenka and was found hanging after the battle, an apparant suicide.
Kasper Król
A groundsman and hawker.
Leibowski Lowzi
A former indentured farmer. Killed in battle with mercenaries seeking a bounty on his master's head.
Mateusz Tokoff
A former militia and levyman and soldier in the Wolkonski-Koniecpole retinue. Killed by the Witch of Jenkaz

Allies and Friends

Anatoli the Bellfounder's Apprentice
A rising member of the artisan middle-class Anatoli was framed for the disappearance and murder of his fiance who was from an upper class family. He was forced to live in the sewers and slums for years before becoming involved with the hunters of Dodochesiv and consequently being hunted for heresy and treason. Anatoli's previous experiences have made him somewhat scornful of social conventions and eager to seize the moment in every situation.
"Sister" Eva
A holy woman within the Amdati faith and considered by some for potential sainthood when she dies. When a young man she fell in love with Aleksander Kerenski. Kerenski chose his faith over love but Sister Eva refused to accept that the two are irreconcilable and tempers her faith with love as she believes the Albin did with men when he walked the earth.

The remainder of the Cell

The Brotherhood of the White Hills was formed to overthrow the evil and tyranny of Count Dodochesiv. They succeeded but the majority were executed at Jenkaz for rebellion and conspiring to murder the Count. Ironically the members of the cell who did indeed end the life of the Count remain free but outlawed. Those executed never knew whether they had been successful in their fight or not.

Tomas Pestia
The founder of the cell and already a committed fighter of the supernatural before he entered the White Hills. He was considered "touched" by his experiences but was a good man at arms and seemed to possess a sixth sense for danger and the dark.
Soezi Karoweski
Karoweski was a nobleman from the neighbouring territory and was the temporal leader of the group. He was funny and easy going while being deeply troubled by what was happening in the White Hills.
Okar, Liemt, Marsk
Gentleman farmers from the county who had either suffered the depredations of the Count or heard troubling stories and rumours of what was happening in the keep from their peasants
A bandit who robbed travellers on the roads of the county. He saw something he refused to elaborate on in the forests where he was based that made him a determined opponent of the Count. He was almost a totally reformed man before his death.
Toskar Polloski
A former man at arms with the Cup Knights who had seen many strange things during the campaigns against the barbarians.
Mattas Rediover
A young scribe from the Order of the Closed Book who had studied the occult pratices of the Carthians extensively. He mostly kept records and wrote letters for the cell as well as organising funds and equipment.
A prototype social revolutionary, growing up as a landless peasant his family were forced to travel around the countryside as casual itinerant workers. The combination of travelling, hard-working summers and hungry, cold winters gave birth to a deep desire to replace the current masters with a system more equitable for those at the bottom of the heap. Totay is cynical about the Church and Faith in general, he is anti-clerical and believes that people can only rely on themeselves. Totay managed to avoid arrest and made his own way to Jenkaz disguised as an old, blind beggar. He lost all his teeth as a child.
A gypsy and wandering minstral; his family were killed and tortured by the count's henchmen making him one of the most passionate advocates of vengance within the cell. He was a follower of the Old Faiths.