Tetsubo FAQ

Is this an official supplement?

No, absolutely not - GW rejected the manuscript once and there is no reason for them to return to it now. It was never "offical" Warhammer and I have no reason to believe it ever will be.

Is the Dave Morris who wrote Tetsubo the same guy who wrote Dragon Warriors?

Yes it is. The sixth Dragon Warriors book even has a fleeting reference to the land of Yamato in the distant east.

What is the Playtest Edition?

In short; the Playtest Edition is everything you need to start playing Tetsubo and consists of everything that was in the manuscript.

The copy of the manuscript I have is extensive but is not actually complete. Some pieces were obvious never created (like maps, floorplans and artwork) because the project was halted relatively early on in its history.

Other parts are simply missing and I hope that they can be recovered from other copies of the manuscript at some point. For the truly fanatic historical player there may not be enough detail in the Playtest Edition.

Despite all this there is a hell of a lot of material in the Playtest Edition and I feel it is better to get what is there out for people to read and preferably play with.

How would you describe Tetsubo?

It is a beautiful curiosity.

Will Tetsubo be commercially published?

Not by me but Dave can of course do what he wants with it. Creating this edition is a labour of love for me and currently I want to keep it that way.

Will you accept contributions to Tetsubo?

What I really want to do is fill in the missing material, preferably with the original text. If you want to create new careers, background, scenarios and so on then I would prefer to create it in another form (such as a fanzine or a separate supplement). I would like to keep the three main books as close to the original manuscript as possible.